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Ghandi is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and Certified International Risk Manager. She currently leads the Risk Management Department at one of the largest resorts in the Caribbean and has served in this capacity for over 12 years. An avid scholar, Ghandi also earned a Masters of Arts in Religion from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and later a Doctorate Degree in Global Pentecostalism with an emphasis on Spiritual Formation. She has written a daily devotional, Lord, Give Us Johnny Cake and has co-authored a children’s coloring book, The God of Israel & I'lia.

Ghandi serves in several ministries in her local church. She is a board member of the Transition Mentoring Program, the founder of Transformative Soul Care, the co-founder of G.T.I. Cares and loves coaching and mentoring young adults. More importantly, Ghandi loves the Lord and is committed to building God's Kingdom.

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Dr. Ghandi



G.T.I. Cares 

A Non-Profit Organization

G.T.I. Cares is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide clothing, food, training and other essential items to those needing assistance within The Bahamas. It is our aim to exemplify love and hope with the world.


Our initiatives span over multiple programmes, including clothing drives, mobile soup kitchens, development seminars, as well as partnering with similar projects.

GTI Cares

Transformative Soul Care

Empowerment for the Soul

Founded in 2019, the goal of Transformative Soul Care (T.S.C.) is to provide mentorship, discipleship, and spiritual direction for individuals seeking companionship on their Christian journey.


As a non-denominational organization, T.S.C. offers soul care to young adults from all walks of life and is committed to seeing them evolve into the best version of themselves.

Transformative Soul Care
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